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 drums set
 The Stratocaster Electric Guitar
 Instrument box.
 Electric bass guitar.
 Classical guitar
 Acoustic guitar.
 Acoustic Electric Guitar.
 Drum drum kit.
 Drum Trio.
 The drum leader.
 Bon\'s Drum.
 Children\'s drum set.
 Electric drum set.
 A small acoustic guitar.
 Japanese drums.
 Guitar Tele
 Electric Guitar SG
 Electric Guitar Les Paul
 Electric Guitar PRS
 marching drums
 marching drums
 กลองชุด ที่ดีที่สุด
Bass drum set with shoulder length sticking out.
Drum 6 Tom
Timpani drum chair
Snare drum stand.
Tom Drum, Conga.
Electric guitars strange shapes.
Electric guitar shape Hollow Body.
Guitar Bag
10 main drum models Universal deep body With a sho
Big Drum, Special 12 Models Universal deep body Wi
Big Drum, Special 12 Models Universal deep body Wi
6 large long spiral drums with 12 inch deep should
 Instrument stand.
 Large parade drum.
 bass drum
 bass drum
 Big drum bass drum, cymbals, drums and Nair, drum
 bass drum
 bass drum
 bass drum
 Drum Trainer.
 Big drum bass drum., Plaster,Camera Nair.,Price of
 Marching Band.
 The line. And the rhythm, the guitar strings, elec
 Rental drums, for Tom, I, for Bon\'s, rent musical
 Electric keyboard.
 เครื่องเป่า มาร์ชชิง
 guitar stand
 Music Stand
Microphone Stand
Keyboard Stand
Instrument, string combos
Cymbals, timpani best
 Carrying a musical instrument.
 Set the string instruments.
Rental instruments
Cello equipment
Marching Band Series
Rental instruments
 Alto sax
 อัลโต้ แซ็กโซโฟน ราคาถูก
 Souza phone.
 Double Bass
 Guitar Amp. And various amps.
 ตู้ลำโพง กลางแจ้ง
 ตู้ลำโพง เสียงกลาง
 ตู้ลำโพง พร้อมแอมป์ในตัว
 Solution maintenance.
 bass trombone
 Baritone Horn.
 Bass Saxophone
 Baritone Saxophone
 Electric piano
 Practice drum pad.
Soundproof foam rubber, black, black.
 drums carpet
 Pads room.
Compressed sponge
 Drum Stick cell
 Mello phone.
 Bell Lira
microphone cable
Wireless Microphone, Microphone.
Mic drum set
 chimes tube
 ลูกแซ็คไข่ maracs
 Electric violin
 Violins for children
violin accessories
Violin shoulder pad
Chamber music band
 The instrument.
 snare drum
 The instrument.
 The instrument.
Leather bongo drums
 อุปกรณ์เวที แสง สี เสียง
 Guitar effect
 Violin Accessory
 Guitar Acessory
 Drum accessory
 Optional drum kit.
 Ukulele Soprano
Guitar effect
 drum line set
 Band Set
snare marching
The Melody Band
Equipment and spare parts
Drum Kit
Parade drum for elementary school level
Marching Trombone

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Product/Service >>> chimes tube

chimes tube

chimes tube Tubular Bells Bells rail Bell estimated name is called in English Orchestral Bells and Chimes inventive instrument to imitate the sound of the bell really. The materials are made of fabricated metal pipe hangers arranged sequentially arranged from low to high campaign to isolate the pipe with a short pitched. For a long pipe to a low voice. Sex with a metal frame hung vertically. The bat at the end of the head tube, it sounds like the sound of bells. The structure of the bell around - Bracket for hanging metal pipe. - Sex with a metal pipe hanger bracket vertically. - Metal pipe volume flat - Sharp. - Natural metal pipe volume. Chinese bells around the lurch thousands of years. Yes, some international instruments such as the West loses all. The bells around It is an instrument of ancient Chinese history and evidence discovery last millennia. Let's learn together Historical evidence from the music of China, has long been able to confirm that. There are many types of instruments, holding little grip these up long before history began, Qin. Excavations at a loss to archaeological scholars, archaeologists, musicians including both China and the world is to excavate the tomb Hau Yi Zheng Sui District, Hubei Province, when buried 433 BC. Excavations revealed many instruments, including bells, one of which was by rail. Particularly bell metal Demonstrate knowledge of ingenious inventions and the use of metal tools of Chinese ancestry who have for so long. Bell began his musical evolution from a small one bell is called Ling in Chinese metal valve instrument is the oldest part of China's tongue is hanging bell in the bell knocking noise. The archaeological excavations in 1981 found four pieces of bell metal Luoyang city, which melt the bronze. A small bell thin spiers along the wide, smooth the top two ears flare bell rings for referring individuals. The vertical tongue made of jade Sometimes it is decorated with gold. Before the arrival bell bronze unearthed. Clay Bell has happened previously. Bell, a terracotta sculpture by hand. Sphere handheld No ear to each side. The bell began to develop early and a little grip these important instruments of the metal in the Shang Dynasty and Zhou later. Historical records from the Oval busier. And archaeological excavations Bell has since found that approximately C Zhou. In that period, the bells around each other in just the tone with different bell two to three subsequently bells increase both the 9th and 13th the following year in 1978 found the bell around the largest cemetery in Shenzhen. Hau Yi in the Hubei province. Bell Brownie hung together on a massive enough to stage one stage today include Bell ears 19 a bell handle 45 to the outside, there are bell 65 a bell around these divided into three layers. the eight bells hanging on the rail. The different sized bells are sounding intonations are different. The largest bell will sound low. This set includes all the bells weigh more than 2500 kg bell was built around a wood and metal scene. The total length is 10 meters to the top for hanging the bell three stories high, 273 centimeters, with a carved bracket rail together. Bell played an instrumental take approximately three more people to the bat-shaped hammer hitting the highs and mids. The bell on the bottom row is low noise with the bat at a blackjack. The study found that Bell each hit a two-tone sound. I want the beat to be fixed points. The bell is a sound one, about to hit all the sounds on the piano keys. That would mean that the bells around the piano can be played in any audio present. The frequency of 256.4 Hz Sึie bell is also the volume of the piano. Though buried for over 2000 years, but the trial of the musicians present music and found that the sound of the bell still quality sound as clear and precise a gamut five over eight pairs, and can also play the ancient music. and now all the songs sound. And music group, fully stocked completely. The material consists of a bell around China, including gold, bronze, tin, aluminum rail assembly. Adorned with a handsome metal Engraved lettering and designs are spectacular. And amazing it was carved letters on the bell to sound, say the notes of each bell. Shows that 2400 years ago, when the music of China, the development of advanced civilization. Which is older than 12 to grip these little musical sound of bells around Yupo nearly 2000 years of ancient instruments used in court to battle. Royal Ceremony Out referring to the plant. The feudal class instruments In the near bells unearthed from cemeteries around Hau Yi Zheng. A large bell And the historic Chinese very well be dubbed. What wonders series of cultural treasures of mankind. And currently preserved at the Museum of Hubei Province, Hu Tong Sang Road, Wuhan, China.
36 key enzyme Brand lunar stand the racket
Price 99.20 USD
Code : 003249
36 key enzyme Brand lunar stand the racket
25 key enzyme Brand lunar stand the racket
Price 73.67 USD
Code : 003248
25 key enzyme Brand lunar stand the racket
chimes tube:20 notes lacquer 0609L
Regular 9,600.00 USD  
Special 7,680.00 USD
Code : 003161
chimes tube:20 notes lacquer 0609L
WIND BEIL แบบยาว  มีเบรค  ยี่ห้อ REGENT พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษ
Regular 86.00 USD  
Special 71.67 USD
Code : 001223
WIND BEIL แบบยาวมีเบรคยี่ห้อ REGENT พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษทั้งชุดราคา&n
WIND BEIL ยี่ห้อ LASER รุ้น PC-23 สีทอง ,สีฟ้า มีระฆัง 36 ตัว พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษ
Regular 92.00 USD  
Special 73.60 USD
Code : 000849
WIND BEIL ยี่ห้อ LASER รุ้น PC-23 สีทอง,สีฟ้า มีระฆัง 36 ตัว พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษทั้งชุดราคา 2,300 บาทสนใจติดต่อที่ร้านหรือโทรสอบถาบที่ :สาขา1(ดินแดง)โทร02-2757279 มือถื
WIND BEIL แบบยาว ยี่ห้อ REGENT พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษ
Regular 78.00 USD  
Special 62.40 USD
Code : 000160
WIND BEIL ยี่ห้อ REGENT พร้อมขา คุณภาพดี ราคาพิเศษทั้งชุดราคา 1950 บาทสนใจติดต่อที่ร้านหรือโทรสอบถามที่ :สาขา1(ดินแดง)โทร02-2757279 มือถือ 086-5536599 FAX 02-6917798

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chimes tube:20 notes lacquer 0609L
Regular 9,600.00 USD
Special 7,680.00

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